For any viable organization it’s about profit, for the employees of these organizations it’s about the work environment. In my career I’ve been successful at delivering both. I’ve created two successful start-up companies and I’ve been involved in a number of turnaround projects in mature companies.

• In 1996 I founded and operated a chain of international award winning specialty coffee shops with store sales averaging 3 times the national average for the same business model. As part of developing the business I created a 16 module training program for both team members and management staff, developed cash handling and inventory control systems for consistency and security, cultivated vendor relationships, and have coached up to 80 team members, at one time, to achieve strategic goals.

• I have over 20 years of construction management experience, from designing and building a chain of retail coffee shops to my most recent $6MM renovation of an independent middle school. The overwhelming majority of these projects have come in under budget and ahead of schedule resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

• I have led, coached, and inspired hundreds of people over my career. While always professional, my teaching methods are engaging and relevant. I’ve been a guest lecturer at San Francisco State University and at Macy’s providing customer service training for their management staff.

I can teach you how to harness the potential of all levels of employees and motivate them to achieve superior results

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