Posted by: Ron Loza | August 6, 2010

Fix It Or Forget It?

I saw this article that intrigued me. Bilou Enterprises Blog Fix It Or Forget It?.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many unqualified individuals end up in leadership positions. Take a look at these stories, have you seen this behavior in your workplace?

My inclination, to any situation (personal or professional), is to talk it out. There should always be a win-win scenario. However, when a supervisor’s behavior or leadership style is lacking it almost always is a function of poor leadership all the way to the top.

Your supervisor’s supervisor should already know about the faults of your supervisor without you having to tell them. If they haven’t fixed the problem then they are either avoiding the problem or they are clued out, neither of which bode well for you. Trying to fix a problem in this case would almost always be a waste of time and even worse may come with punishment.

I’m curious if you’ve experienced this in your work environment?


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