Posted by: Ron Loza | July 17, 2010

What! Another Blogger?

Blogging is so ingrained in our society I thought it time for me to jump on board. As with many people, after you’ve lived a little bit, you realize you have a lot to offer in life experiences…some good some bad.

I’ve coached youth sports for over 30 years, been a CEO, worked in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and taught and coached many fine people [athletes and employees] over the years and most importantly been happily married for 25 years.

I’m not saying every day of my life has been blissful, I’ve had my share of the athletes that were too good to listen to my wisdom, the employee who thinks they do all the work and deserve all the money, and yes, my wife who, during an argument, will bring up something I screwed up three years ago!

So how have I dealt with these things? How do you deal with business or life issues? I’d like to provide a forum for sharing ideas on successful conclusions to typical issues. I am a “cup-is-half-full” guy. There are always multiple solutions to any issue. Within these solutions there is always a positive or negative outcome. It is your choice what outcome works best for you.

As time permits I will post a weekly topic along with my thoughts. You are welcome to participate.


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